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BONNY Dynamo/Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Buy BONNY Dynamo/Rechargeable LED Flashlight

BONNY Dynamo/Rechargeable LED Flashlight

BONNY Dynamo/Rechargeable LED Flashlight Product Description :
As of the first of its kind, BONNY Dynamo/Rechargeable LED Flashlight supports all the three major ways (Dynamo, 100~240VAC, and 4.5~12VDC) to fast charge, ensuring sufficient power source anytime, anywhere. BONNY LED Flashlight promises high-brightness lighting and can be also used to power other appliances such as mobile phones, digital cameras and head lights. It is specially designed and manufactured for both everyday and emergency use. It has proven great for home, outdoors, auto, camping, hunting, emergencies and other recreation and work places.

The multiple-in-one functions consist of:
1) Multi-range high brightness energy-efficient lighting;
2) Emergency mobile phone charging;
3) Simple UV money detector;
4) As auxiliary or emergency power supply for other appliances such as mobile phones, digital cameras, and head lights.

The main features are:
1) Self-powered and rechargeable, no batteries required ---- supporting three ways to rapidly charge the internal Lithium rechargeable battery over and over anytime, anywhere by (a) winding for minutes in emergencies; (b) plugging it into a 100~240V AC wall outlet; (c) plugging it into a 4.5~12V DC adaptor/outlet;
2) Uses super bright lifetime LED bulbs that never need replacing;
3) Provides three incremental brightness settings using up to 6 super-bright LED lights and specially designed light beams into distance (up to 100 m);
4) Compact user-friendly design, environment-friendly manufacturing, and easy to carry.

It offers very efficient lighting! One minute of winding (~120 rpm) enables effective continuous lighting of 1 LED for 50 min, 3 LEDS for 16 min or 6 LEDS for 10 min.
After a full charge (w/ 100~240VAC or 4.5~12VDC), you can continuously use 1 LED for 8 hours, 3 LEDs for 4 hours, or 6 LEDs for 2 hours.

This product is applicable in home, outdoor, camping, hunting, auto, and other leisure & work places.
Operating Temperature: -20~55℃ (0~ 130°F)
Operating Humidity: 30% to 90%
BONNY Dynamo/Rechargeable LED Flashlight Features :

  • Wind to charge, dynamo self-powered; rechargeable with 100~240VAC / 4.5~12VDC; no batteries required
  • 3 incremental settings using up to 6 super-bright lifetime LED lights that never need replacing
  • Specially designed bright light beams to project into distance ---- up to 300 feet (or 100 meters)!
  • Emergency mobile phone charging via USB port and provide auxiliary power supply for head lights, etc
  • Integrated a UV LED light to easily detect UV fluorescent and fiber thread in banknotes

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